Brad Whelan is a freelance writer, game critic, and blogger with grandiose aspirations. He lives in a 155 year old Victorian octagon house in central Michigan where he spends his days writing, day dreaming and obsessing  about his true passion – videogames. From an early age, Brad’s eyes were blown wide open to a whole new digital world when his dad brought home a Sega Master System with Alex Kidd in Shinobi World and Missle Defense 3D. From that point forward, he was hooked.

Growing up alongside the industry only further stoked his appreciation and passion for the medium, and enabled him to watch its gradual evolution with lovingly discerning eyes. Then, at age 13, he entered the cavernous expanse of PC Gaming after purchasing his first custom PC, and experiencing Quake II for the very first time; this changed his whole perception of what games were capable of doing, and exposed an entirely new avenue of the gaming world to him, further igniting his enthusiasm on the subject.

And so it was for all of those reasons that he felt the inevitable tug toward a position where he could relay his voice about the subject of gaming. However, after graduating with a double degree in audio engineering & production and entertainment business, he decided his place was in front of an open word document instead of behind a recording console or in a studio management role. Since then, he has become a vocal critic and written countless articles on the subject of gaming.

You can contact Brad at bradwhelan83@gmail.com.


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